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Escondido & North County Convention

July 12 - 14, 2024 (Fri-Sun)

A North County, San Diego convention held biannually for open boardgame play. $65 for all three days or $25 for Fri, $30 for Sat, $25 Sun for individual days. Can register online for all three days to reserve your spot or pay for individual days at the door.

Event Times

Fri: 9am - 11:00pm | Sat: 9am - 11:00pm | Sun: 9am - 6pm


Escondido Charter High School
1868 E Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027

3-Day Registration
Day pass and 3-day pass available at the door

Celebrating the 9 Years of EsCon

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ES Con Library

The library for ES Con comes primarily from Steve P.'s 3000+ game collection. Expect to see over a hundred top ranked and hard-to-find games in the EsCon Library. You can even request certain games to be brought to EsCon with the button below and/or schedule designated times for games to get a group of players.

Link to EsCon Library and Meet-up schedule will be posted a few weeks prior to event.

Food and Drinks

A self-serve $1-$5 snack and drink bar will be provided as well, so bring your single dollar bills to use throughout the event.

Pizzas will be purchased and delivered to the event on Saturday evening -- no pre-purchase, but bring money if you want to use this option (typically $4 for large, Costco, slices).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you really bringing 3,000 games to EsCon?
A: We are filling the library with ~500 of the most popular euro, war, party, lightweight, card games from Steve's collection.
Q: I'm having trouble getting registered on the web site. What should I do?
A: E-mail Steve at and he will put you on the "registered list." You can pay at the door.
Q: Is EsCon kid-friendly?
A: Yes, we have an assortment of children's games in the library(mostly HABA games) for kids of all ages.
Q: Can I show up and play games?
A: Yes, we have "Players Wanted" and "Teacher Wanted" table signs for individuals/groups that are seeking players.
Q: Are there vendors/exhibitors at EsCon?
A: We are focused on dedicating our table space to open boardgaming so we don't invite outside vendors to set up merchandise for sale. However, we often allow a few local designers to demo/sell their games at EsCon. We do allow attendees to setup their stacks of games on the continuous flea market tables, and attendees can browse and buy. Please contact Steve at if you have questions.

Continuous Flea Con

Tables will be provided in the Con to present games for sale during the convention. 1/3 of 6' table is free. Con attendees can leave stack of games with price list and mobile number on table. Interested buyers can text you and coordinate exchange. If you want more space, it will be $15 per 6' table. Please e-mail Steve at to coordinate.

Orphan Game Table

Get a free game from the Orphan Game Table. Bring in those games that you can't sell or trade and give them away as door prizes to others


If you are interested in running an event/game demo/sale(group social deduction game, demo your prototype, sell your game related products) please contact Steve at to make arrangements.

Virtual Flea Market

VFM link to be posted early June

Join our BGG Guild!

BGG EsCon Guild


Our Premier Sponsor, Pair-A-Dice Games, is providing $25 gift cards to the Pair-A-Dice game store. Drawings will be conducted at 1 pm each day.

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